PET HOTEL & DAYCARELeave Your Pets In Safe Hands!

Bring your pet to a dog hotel when you're away. Our staff is ready to take care of your pet.
Pet transportation from PinkDog Spa is a service that delivers your pet to your door.
For Grooming we ask that you spend a few minutes discussing your dog's preferences.

ABOUT USActive Pets are Healthy Pets

The animal care team at our PinkDog pet resort love keeping your pets entertained and happy throughout their stay. Even beyond our vacation suites and playtime activities, we provide many options for getting your pet active and keeping them stimulated while they are here. Whether they participate in one-on-one behavioral training sessions, enjoy playing around in the yard with their friends, or have a relaxing getaway in our soothing pet spa, a great time is guaranteed!

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Pet Hotel

Bring your pet to a dog hotel when you're away. Our staff is ready to take care of your pet.


During the daycare your pet will be free to play, exercise and learn new skills with their friends.


We offer a number of small playgroups and socialization opportunities for your puppy.


For Grooming we ask that you spend a few minutes discussing your dog's preferences.

Van Service

Pet transportation from PinkDog Spa is a service that delivers your pet to your door.

Adoption Events

With adoption events at our stores, unconditional love is closer than you think.

Obedience Classes

Our accredited dog trainers teach positive reinforcement techniques in a fun classes.

Photo Gallery

See some pictures of our grooming happy customers.
We work creatively and specially for our client.

Check-in Time

FROM 8:30 AM TO 5 PM
Timings are drop off after 8:30am and collection is before 10am on the morning of going home.
If your pet has separation anxiety we encourage you to bring something that smells like home.

COMPANY FAQA frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What do I do if my dog has fleas?

Get a treatment from your Veterinarian and also worm your animal for tapeworm, as the flea is the intermediate host for this parasite. Also get a household spray for fleas from your vet to use in all areas your dog is going into, e.g., sofas, carpets, skirtings, as these are where the flea breeds. They only go to the dog to feed. So, for every flea, you find on your dog there are much more in its surroundings.

Can someone other than myself pick up my pet?

Yes, anyone is able to pick up your pet from PinkDog. We ask that the expected person’s name be noted in your account and must present a valid ID to us upon arrival.

What if I don’t like my dog’s new haircut?

Just tell us, we really won’t be offended. We keep detailed records of how each dog is styled for just this reason, but we can only change things if you let us know, and we always appreciate your feedback.

Sometimes due to the condition of a dog’s coat, we have no choice but to perform a clip off/shortie style. The dematting process may be very painful, or sometimes there is just no other way. So we, at PinkDog, will try our best to do what would be more comfortable to your dog. Do not worry! We will let you know in advance, in our short talk during the drop off or through a phone call. However, once we have done this we will be more than happy to show you how to groom your dog to prevent this happening again, and hopefully, will soon have your pet looking exactly the way you want.

Should I walk my dog before or after his grooming session?

We always recommend that dogs are given a little walk before they arrive so that they can relieve themselves and expel any excess energy. Once your dog leaves the salon it is best to walk again right way since some of the dogs do not do their business in different places. Most dogs are tired after their salon treatments and appreciate a quiet and relaxed evening.

Just wanted to let you know how blessed I have been to have you guys care for me over the past few years.

N. S.


I have a Newfie who has so much fur! We had gone to long between his last grooming appointment and he was very shaggy and stinky. When I picked him up his fur was all trimmed perfect he felt and smelled so good and it was like they brushed a whole dog out of him I have and will keep recommending pink dog to anyone that’s looking for a groomer.

A. M.


I’ve been taking my newest service dog here for the past 2 months, always an amazing service. The groomer is such a great person & always makes my dog look awesome, and with a themed bandanna. For as busy as Pink Dog is, the one thing they always remember is my name as well as my dog when I walk through the door.

F. O.


Nancy and her crew are amazing! I brought my Golden Retriever that had never been groomed. Not only did he look gorgeous but was so happy when I picked him up. My pups look awesome, are happy, smell incredible and love getting groomed. So grateful to have found this place.

M. S.


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